Solution Brief

The Synthetic Data Platform for Microsoft Azure

Unlock generative AI in Azure with better models built with better data

The Data Challenge

Today, AI/ML, research, and development teams are blocked by a solitary point of failure—lack of fast access to high-quality data. Referred to as the ‘data bottleneck,’ the problem persists across industries for a number of common reasons, such as:

  • Sensitive, protected data
  • Insufficient volume of data
  • Limited diverse datasets

The Gretel Solution

Gretel empowers organizations to innovate faster via safe access to synthetic data. Whether enterprises need to anonymize sensitive data, augment limited data, or generate data from scratch, Gretel’s general purpose platform provides the end-to-end tooling for generating, validating, and operationalizing synthetic data across use cases and teams. Giving you access to the data you need, when you need it — all with the Microsoft Azure infrastructure you trust.

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